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Cloudlinux OS License

Choose billing cycle:
  • License a server with the CloudLinux Operating System
  • **Only applicable to our IP addresses
RM66.00 / Monthly

Cloudlinux OS + cPanel

Choose billing cycle:
  • When running Cloudlinux with cPanel You get a great discount on CloudLinux. A cPanel License is also required.
  1. **Only applicable to our IP addresses
RM36.00 / Monthly

cPanel WHM

Choose billing cycle:
  • cPanel with WHM / Web Host Manager. The world's Leading Control Panel for Shared Hosting Pricing is per server, no limits on domains / sites.
  1. **Only applicable to our IPs
RM55.00 / Monthly

Plesk Onyx

Choose billing cycle:
  • Web Host edition - Unlimited Domains
  • Web Pro edition - 30 Domains
RM29.00 / Monthly

Microsoft Windows Server - Standard

Choose billing cycle:
  • License your Windows 2003, 2008 or 2012 License covers all editions and versions Up to 16 Cores per Server are covered.
  1. **Only applicable to our IPs
RM90.00 / Monthly RM270.00 / Quarterly RM540.00 / Semi-Annually RM1,080.00 / Annually

Microsoft RDS (CAL)

Choose billing cycle:
  • Windows OS Includes 2 RDP sessions as standard. Add a SAL to increase this. WinRmtDsktpSrvcsSAL ALNG LicSAPk MVL
RM45.00 / Monthly RM135.00 / Quarterly RM270.00 / Semi-Annually RM540.00 / Annually

Microsoft SQL Server

Choose billing cycle:
  • Default price is for MSSQL Web edition
  • Edition comparison - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/sql-server/editions-and-components-of-sql-server-2016
RM96.00 / Monthly RM288.00 / Quarterly RM576.00 / Semi-Annually RM1,152.00 / Annually

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